Margery Building

Margery Building to close in early 2022 for roof repair

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel


Updated Dec 12, 2021

Terry Martinez styles Laura Perri’s hair at Estilos II a Salon inside the Margery Building on Main Street. The salon’s owner has had difficulty locating temporary space to operate beginning next month while roof repairs are made on the downtown building.


On Sunday, July 25, the Western Slope sky unleashed a torrential downpour, flooding Grand Junction streets and testing the strength of older buildings that had been subjected to little more than a steady stream of sunlight and mountain winds.

The Margery Building has stood at 519 Main St. since 1906, housing businesses downstairs with a ballroom and offices upstairs. The downtown staple had one of its roof trusses give way during the storm, causing substantial damage to the roof, which partially collapsed over the ballroom.

The Mesa County Building Department wanted to take no risks with the integrity of one of Grand Junction’s oldest structures, so all of the building’s businesses and tenants had to evacuate for more than a week while steel girders were installed as a temporary solution to stabilize the building.

Supply chain issues delayed the arrival of supplies for permanent trusses until this winter. In early 2022, likely January, the building’s tenants will have to leave once again, this time for 30 to 60 days while the new trusses are installed.

(The steel girders) are still in place and the building is stabilized, but because of supply-chain issues on building materials, the new trusses that would be the permanent trusses for the roof wouldn’t be here until December or January,” said Dena Carpenter, property manager of P&L Properties LLC. “We decided that instead of disrupting the holiday season, we would plan the reconstruction to start in January.”