The New Art and Soul Studios

523 1/2 Main Street

I’m back on Main Street, 523-1/2 in the Margery Building and am so excited! I’ve always wanted this space. Plenty of room for classes and the lighting is wonderful! So blessed!

"The Original Studio"

561 25 Road

"Beginners Blast" in January 2020

The Room is ready

The Students are ready

They play

Students made this

... and this

... and this

... and this

"Pictures tell the story"

"Judy Paints Dogs..."

"More Pictures just for fun"

"Our Book Club" May 2. 2020

A safe and fun time. bookmarks: I've had a little time on my hands!

"First Class up and running" May 14 2020

We took precautions and painted outdoor pots. It was a fun project and enjoyed seeing each other again.

"Our New Blast off series" June 4, 2020

"Open Studio" June 10, 2020

One masterpiece after another. Great times at the studio. We put on our French music and paint away! Come join us!

"Open Studio" June 18, 2020

This Weeks Blast Off classes . Great fun!

"Yikes Bikes" June 20, 2020

We had a fabulous time painting bikes! Can you tell?

"Yikes Bikes" June 23, 2020

Oh what a night! Yikes Bikes galore!

"Open Studio" June 25,2020

Paint slinging abstract day!

"A Week of Painting" July 5 thru 11, 2020

Painting away!

"Yikes Bikes" at the New Studio July 28, 2020

New Classes in the New Studio July 30, 2020

Classes are already in session in my new space! I have to show you the collages that we’ve been working on. The sky’s the limit here and I’m so excited. Here’s some paintings that aren’t even finished yet!