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July 17, 2022

Arizona commission with a little imagination.

July 14, 2022

Vase Lift is on her way to Redstone Gallery. 24x30

July 11, 2022

I have a new 4 week BEGINNERS BLAST series starting on Mondays from 1:00-3:00. July 18 is the first class until the last Monday on August 8. $150.00/4 classes. All materials are supplied. This series is so exciting. We create a new masterpiece each week! Come join us. You’ll be glad you did!

June 28, 2022

OPEN STUDIO times are a changin with ART & SOUL STUDIO. We will now be painting on the SECOND SATURDAY of the month instead of the first Saturday. Holidays occur frequently on the first weekend which makes it difficult for many of you to attend. Our next OPEN STUDIO date will be Sat., July 9 from 10-4. $45.00 set fee for as long as you'd like to stay! All supplies included. Hope to see you. We sure have fun!

Judy 970-424-9511

June 23, 2022

A relaxing day at home making cards. This is Big Boy. I decided to enhance his dinner.

June 23, 2022

Joy Ride

June 22, 2922

Tuesday is class day right now at Art & Soul Studio. Hollyhocks were on the agenda.

June 16, 2022

Yesterday’s beauties! Stop by sometime and check us out. ART & SOUL STUDIO. 523.5 Main Street, GJ, CO

June 8, 2022

Beautiful paintings created yesterday at the studio

June 4, 2022

Good job, Georgann Jouflas!

This painting is for her outdoor patio. She painted over an old sun-faded painting and gave it a nice bright facelift. What a great idea!

June 4, 2022

Today Jana Newby taught me how to make an acrylic pie with shaving cream from the dollar store. We made papers for mixed media. So much fun! I can do anything better than you! Yes I can! Haha!

June 1, 2022

Wow! These months go by so fast! OPEN STUDIO is upon us again. This Saturday, June 4, 2022. ART & SOUL STUDIOS, 523-1/2 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO. We are open from 10-4:00. You are welcome to all my art supplies. Bring a canvas or purchase one from me at the studio. Set fee of $45.00 whether you stay for a few hours or spend the day. You are welcome to come and go as you please.

The entry is a mess due to construction, but all is safe, I promise. Please call me if you have further questions.

Judy. 970-424-9511

By the way…parking is free downtown on the weekends. YAY!

May 24, 2022

Judy Rogan is with Monica Kraynek and 2 others.

Todays project was a little more detailed than usual. I think it will take 2 sessions to complete our collages. We worked very hard on cutting and pasting today. Next session will be embellishing w paints, glazes,

Markers and squiggles

That’s where the real fun begins!

May 17. 22022

Check out these beautiful paintings that were created today in class. So lovely. They get better each week!

May 3, 2022

OPEN STUDIO at Art & Soul Studios this Saturday from 10-4:00. Come get away from it all and enjoy a day of painting. Always a fun time. $45.00 set fee. All supplies included

April 14, 2022

BUTTERFLY FLING! Last of the 4 week series. Am hoping to start another one soon! Nancy Riddle, Karin Steers , Monica Kraynek, Bobbi Alpha, Cheryl Areson, Ann Lind, Jennie Areson. These ladies are the best! We all went out for a little get together after class at Krista

Riddle’s restaurant,

Pantusos, to celebrate our

Friendship And creations. So fun

April 6, 2022

YIKES BIKES! Another great painting day!

March 29, 2022

Sunflowers were the theme in our class today. Great fun!

March 23, 2022

Such a fun class yesterday. So glad to be up and running!

March 6, 2022

We raided the barnyard and look what appeared! A day of Kitchen Cackle. Can you tell we had some fun?

March 5, 2022


February 23, 2022

Day 10 of the Artist Challenge. I was nominated by Jana Newby to present a picture of my work for 10 days. No explanation needed - and then nominate another artist to do the same - 10 images - 10 nominations - 0 explanations! The goal is to promote positivity, passion and attention to our love of art. Today I nominate Jeanette Falconetti.

Day 10 of the Artist Challenge

Day 9 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 8 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 7 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 6 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 5 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 4 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 3 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 2 of the Artist Challenge.

Day 1 of the Artist Challenge.

February 4, 2022

Just entered some paintings in the Craig Gallery Black & White show in Palisade. What a beautiful sunny day!