Facebook 2020

Here are some examples of students’ artwork who have taken the “Serendipity Acrylic Painting Class” with Judy Rogan. ART & SOUL STUDIOS, 561-25 Rd. Come join in the FUN (Facebook 1/10/20)

Stephanie Askew, my friend and owner of the Redstone Art Gallery, invited me to teach classes there. She was able to join in our rip-roaring class and look what she created! WOW!

LOVE THIS! Can you tell she's musical? (Facebook 1/11/20)

We had so much fun painting today at Art & Soul Studios that we forgot to eat! Now that’s really saying something. Beautiful work girls! (Facebook 1/18/20)

Another beautiful day of painting with a great bunch of ladies. So much fun! (Facebook 1/22/20)

And she said she couldn’t paint. Great job, Susan Elenz! (Facebook 1/30/20)

Come paint away with me in Beginners Blast. Very fun time! (Facebook 1/31/20)